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The Importance of Bedtime Stories to your Kids Nowadays

A few people feel that the main objective of bedtime stories is to enhance sleep to children. Despite being true, it just cannot be prevented. The need to put food in the table has made modern day parents miss the chance of forming a bond with their children. Ignorance and laziness is the actual concern here.There is nothing as soothing to a child in their soft cozy bed like a bedtime story.It is like the perfect icing on the cake.What makes it even more enjoyable is when the person reading it is the kid’s own parent. Bedtime stories have numerous advantages to children such as;

o Increase the imagination of a child

Televisions were developed after radios were already in place. This was the true coy of a bedtime narrated story. All imagery was based on what the listener heard from the narrator. This is the same logic to mother reciting the novel of Snow white and the seven dwarfs to her daughter. A child would then take the task of picturing a dwarf after being told all about the dwarf.Such imaginations were the basis of learning.

o Boosting vocabulary and skills in speaking

A child takes after the ways if his mentor. The language used by a child is determined by the choice of language used by the parent while reading the bedtime story the child loves the most.

o Helps to develop the bond between the child and parent

Parents of this modern day era tend to believe that the shortest way to a child’s heart is by offering gifts.Some would go to the extent of claiming bedtime stories are passed with time.However, in reality this bedtime stories open ups your child to you, makes her feel like you are both a friend and a comforter.A child who has been raised with the habit of bedtime stories will never hesitate to share out their problems.

o They make the child feel a sense of comfort and feel free

It can’t be objected that a bedtime story is a key to free cuddles, happiness, love, peace, comfort and unconditional love. The key to making a child free from stress and distraction is through providing all the elements above.The most immediate benefit from a calm mind in a child is great concentration. It is this great concentration that will be important in giving focus to the child in his classwork. It is thus a fact that bedtime stories are of importance to kids. Parents should not deny their children the chance of bedtime stories before they sleep.