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The Benefits of Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts Custom screen-printed t-shirts are a great method of boosting your brand’s visibility. T-shirts are functional clothing items, and a lot people will prefer a t-shirt over other promotional items. Listed below are the top reasons why you should get custom screen printed t-shirts for your company. Originality One of the greatest benefits of having your t-shirts custom screen printed is that you can have any design that you can imagine. Hiring a good custom screen printer is vital to make sure that the ideas that you have are successfully conveyed on the final products. The type and quality of the custom screen printing company that you hire will be the most important factor when it comes to the effectiveness of your shirts. Ensure that you take your time in researching the best printer because the more you know about their reputation and quality of work, the more informed you will be in making this important decision.
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Studies show that approximately 60 percent of customers have a more positive opinion of a company after they receive a custom t-shirt. People put a big value on receiving useful items, especially when they are made well. A customer who recognizes the value of getting a well made t-shirt is not only more likely to become a repeat customer, they are also more likely to wear the t-shirt you gave them, which in turn promotes your brand. Retaining a strong and loyal customer base can only be good news for your business’s reputation. As a result, you will also be able to attract more customers to your business. More Affordable Option In creating a custom screen printed shirt, it is a given that business will have to factor in more than just aesthetics, they will also care about the price. When compared to other options, screen printing is quite affordable. Numerous custom screen printing companies can even decrease the price if needed by limiting the number of colors used on your t-shirt. In screen printing, every color has to be applied as a single step, meaning that every shirt has to go through the process once for each color on the final item. What this implies is that a three color design will go through the process three times. Long Lasting T-Shirts One other benefit of using screen printing is that the process makes for a very durable and resilient final product. As a result, you will not have to worry about the design on the shirt fading or flaking off after some time. You need to make sure that the custom screen printing company that you pick is skilled and experienced enough to know how to use their equipment properly.